Cherry blossom festival blooms in Ha Long

The event titled "A Japanese Cultural Feature in Ha Long" will encompass a series of cultural activities held to celebrate 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries (September 21, 1973-September 21, 2013) and the Japan-Viet Nam Friendship Year.

As many as 100 branches of Hikan cherry blossom from Nago City of Japan's Okinawa Province will be exhibited at Ha Long's Lan Be Park while five Garyuu cherry blossom trees will be brought there from Takayama City of Gifu Province.

Japan will give 100 cherry blossom trees to Ha Long City to raise at local Lan Be Park after the event.

There will be handicraft, bonsai, culinary and tourism guide stalls from both countries in the park to promote tourism and art-exchanges by artists. Japanese chefs will also display their unique skills in tuna cooking and presentation